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This page contains the alphabetical listing of titles from A-H.

Titles that begin with a character or number (rather than a letter) are listed first.

Titles that begin with "A" or "The" are listed according to the second word to make them easier to locate (for example, THE DARK is listed as Dark (The))

Titles that are listed more than once have been reviewed by different bloggers and often contain different resources.

This page is currently under construction, so not all titles are links yet!

! (exclamation mark)
“Slowly, Slowly, Slowly,” Said The Sloth
1 Zany Zoo
10 Fat Turkeys
10,000 Dresses
123 vs. ABC
17 Things I’m Not Allowed To Do Anymore
20 Big Trucks In The Middle Of The Street

A Is For Musk Ox
Aa Was An Apple Pie
ABC Adoption And Me
ABC Mystery (The)
Abe Lincoln Crosses A Creek
Abe Lincoln Crosses A Creek
Abe Lincoln: The Boy Who Loved Books
Abe’s Fish
Adventures In Paris
Adventures Of Lucy Snigglefritz (The)
Adventures Of Riley: Operation Orangutan
After Charlotte’s Mom Died
Agate: What Good Is A Moose?
Alexander And The Dragon
Alexander And The Wind-Up Mouse
Alexander Who’s Not (Do You Her Me? I Mean It!) Going To Move
Algernon Graeves Is Scary Enough
Alice And Greta
Al About Korea
All By Myself
All By Myself
All Different Now
All Different Now: Juneteenth, The First Day Of Freedom
All In A Rainforest Day
All Kinds Of Families
All Star!
All The Places To Love
All The Water In The World
All Through My Town
All Together Now
Alphabet Trucks
Amazing Babes
Amazing Faces
An African Princess
An Alcott Family Christmas
And Here’s To You!
And Then It’s Spring
Angel Coming
Anh’s Anger
Animal Camouflage In The Ocean
Animal Masquerade
Anisha’s Adventures In Bangladesh
Ann And Nan Are Anagrams!
Annie And Helen
Annie Was Warned
Annie’s Special Day
Anthony Best
Any Questions?
Apple Pie ABC
Apple Pie Fourth Of July
Apples And Butterflies
Are The Dinosaurs Dead, Dad?
Are You Awake?
Are you Confident Today?
Arianna And The Strawberry Tea
Armond Goes To A Party
Art Of Miss Chew (The)
Art Of Miss Chew (The)
As Fast As Words Could Fly
At The Same Moment Around The World
Audrey Bunny
Augie To Zebra
Author Day For Room 3T
Aviary Wonders, Inc.

B Is For Bookworm
B Is For Bulldozer
Baby Bear Discovers The World
Baby Bear Sees Blue
Baby Bear Wears Blue
Baby Bear’s Big Dreams
Baby Brains And RoboMom
Baby Loves You So Much!
Baby Penguins Love Their Mama!
Baby That Roared (The)
Baby's Got The Blues
Back To Front And Upside Down!
Backseat A-B-See
Backstage Cat
Bad Apple
Bad Apple
Bad Apple
Bad Apple’s Perfect Day
Bad Bye, Good Bye
Bad Case Of Stripes (A)
Bad Kitty Christmas (A)
Bag In The Wind
Ballerina Dreams
Band-Aid Chicken (The)
Bargain For Frances (A)
Beautiful Oops!
Barney And The Kitten
Barnum’s Bones
Bartholow And The Oobleck
Basket Moon
Bathing Costume (The)
Be The Kite!
Beach Feet
Bear And Bee
Bear Despair
Bear Has A Story To Tell
Bear Snores On
Bear With Me
Bear, Bird And Frog
Bear’s Picture
Beauty And The Beast
Beauty And The Beast
Because Amelia Smiled
Because I’m Your Dad
Because Of You
Because You Are My Baby
Bedtime At The Nut House
Bee Bully (The)
Bee Tree (The)
Beetle Book (The)
Before We Eat
Beginner’s Guide To Running Away From Home (The)
Being Frank
Belches, Burps And Farts – Oh My!
Bella And Bean
Ben And The Icky-Ooky-Sticky-Smick
Ben And Zip: Two Short Friends
Ben Franklin's Big Splash
Ben Rides On
Benny And The Binky
Best Time Of Day (The)
Betty Bunny Didn’t Do It
Betty Bunny Loves Easter
Bicycle (The)
Big Box (The)
Big Chickens Fly The Coop
Big Red Barn
Big Red Lollipop (The)
Big Red Lollipop (The)
Big Red Tub
Big Snow
Big Snow (The)
Bigfoot Cinderrrrella
Bigfoot Is Missing!
Bilby: Secrets Of An Australian Marsupial
Bird, Bird, Bird! (A Chirping Chant)
Black Book Of Colors (The)
Black Book Of Colors (The)
Black Is Brown Is Tan
Black Is Brown Is Tan
Black Rabbit (The)
Block City
Blue Hat, Green Hat
Blue Roses (The)
Blue Stone (The)
Bone By Bone
Boogie Knights
Book Of Jonah (The)
Book With No Pictures (The)
Boris And The Snoozebox
Boris And The Wrong Shadow
Born Yesterday: The Diary Of A Young Journalist
Boxes For Katje
Boy + Bot
Boy And A Jaguar (A)
Boy Called Dickens (A)
Boy Who Changed The World (The)
Boy Who Cried Bigfoot (The)
Boy Who Harnessed The Wind (The)
Boy Who Harnessed The Wind (The)
Boy Who Harnessed The Wind (The)
Boy Who Lost His Bellybutton (The)
Boy Who Loved Math (The)
Brand New Day (A)
Brave Girl
Bravest Knight (The)
Bravest Woman In America (The)
Brick By Brick
Bridget’s Beret
Brief Thief
Bring On The Birds
Bringing Down The Moon
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?
Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum
Bug Patrol
Bugs Galore
Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!
Building Our House
Bullfrog Pops!
Bumpy Ride (A)
Bunny Loves To Write
Bunyans (The)
Bus For Us (The)
Bus Stops
Busy Tree (The)
Butterfly Is Patient (A)
Bye-Bye Baby Brother

Callie Cat, Ice Skater
Can I Come Too
Can I Play Too?
Can Man (The)
Can’t You Sleep, Little Bear?
Capital! Washington DC From A-Z
Carmine, A Little More Red
Carpet Boy’s Gift (The)
Carrot Seed (The)
Casey Over There
Castle On Hester Street
Castle On Viola Street (The)
Cat And Bunny
Cat Says Meow And Other Animalopoeia
Cat Tale
Cat, The Dog, Little Red, The Exploding Eggs, The Wolf, And Grandma (The)
Catch That Plane!
Catching The Moon
Cathy Williams, Buffalo Soldier
Cats Know Best
Cats On Ben Yehuda Street (The) (on same link as The Wooden Sword)
Cave Baby
Cazuela That The Farm Maiden Stirred (The)
Chair For My Mother (A)
Chair For My Mother (A)
Charley’s First Night
Charlie The Ranch Dog
Chaucer’s First Winter
Cheese Belongs To You!
Chengdu Could Not, Would Not Fall Asleep
Chester’s Masterpiece
Chicken Soup For Little Souls/New Kid & Cookie Thief
Chickens Build A Wall (The)
Chicks Run Wild
Chico The Brave
Child Of The Civil Rights Movement
Child’s Calendar (A)
Child’s Garden (A)
Child’s Garden: A Story Of Hope (A)
Chin Yu Min And The Ginger Cat
Chippy The Chipmunk: Parties In The Garden
Chloe And The Lion
Chocolate Moose For Dinner (A)
Christmas Angels (The)
Christmas Memory (A)
Christmas Memory (A)
Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey (The)
Christmas Promise (The)
Christmas Tree Ship (The)
Christmas Tugboat (The)
Christmas Wish (The)
Christopher Newport
Chugga Chugga Choo Choo
Chugga Chugga Choo Choo
Cinco The Clinic Cat
Cinder-Eyed Cats (The)
Cinderella’s Magical Wheelchair
Circle Unbroken
Cirque De Ole!
City Cat
Clap Your Hands
Clark The Shark
Clatter Bash!
Clementine's Walk
Clever Katya
Clever Little Hermes
Click Clack Splish Splash
Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type
Climbing Lincoln’s Steps: An African-American Story
Closer Look (A)
Cloud Spinner (The)
Clown Child
Clown Of God
Cobweb Christmas
Cock-A-Doodle Oops!
Cocoa Ice
Color Me A Rhyme
Color Of Us (The)
Color! Colores!
Come On, Rain!
Come On Rain!
Comet’s Nine Lives
Coming Home
Coming Through The Blizzard
Community Soup
Complete Adventures Of Big Dog And Little Dog (The)
Composer Is Dead (The)
Compost! Growing Gardens From Your Garbage
Confessions Of A Former Bully
Contest Between The Sun And The Wind (The)
Cool Melons Turn To Frogs
Count On Culebra
Count The Monkeys
Counting Crows
Counting Our Way To Maine
Country Bunny And The Little Gold Shoes (The)
Country Road ABC
Cowboy Christmas
Cowboy Up!
Crafty Chloe
Cranberry Thanksgiving
Crankee Doodle
Crazy Horse’s Vision
Creak! Said The Bed
Creatures Of The Desert World
Creepy Carrots
Crinkle, Crackle, CRACK: It’s Spring
Crispin The Pig Who Had It All
Crocodile Who Didn’t Like Water (The)
Crossing (The)
Cuckoo’s Haiku (The)
Curious Garden (The)
Curious Kitties
Cyber Friend?

Dad And Pop
Daddy, Could I Have An Elephant
Dance Like Starlight
Dandelion Seed’s Big Dream (The)
Daring Miss Quimby (The)
Dark (The)
Dark (The)
Dark Emperor And Other Poems Of The Night
Dark, Dark Tale (A)
Dave The Potter
Day It Rained Hearts (The)
Day Leo Said I Hate You! (The)
Day Louis Got Eaten (The)
Day The Babies Ran Away (The)
Day The Crayons Quit (The)
Day The Crayons Quit (The)
Day The Crayons Quit (The)
Deductive Detective (The)
Delia’s Dull Day
Desmond And The Very Mean Word
Dewey There’s A Cat In The Library
Dewey’s Christmas In The Library (same link as laura miller’s world of birthdays)
Diary Of A Wombat
Different Like Coco
Digger Dog!
Dill The Little Elephant
Ding Dong! Gorilla!
Dinosaur Mardi Gras
Dinosaur Roar!
Dinosaur Tamer (The)
Dinosaur vs. Santa
Dinosaurs Love Cheese
Dirty Gert
Do Not Open This Book!
Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots?
Do You Have A Dog?
Do YOU Have A Hat?
Dog Food
Dog Loves Books
Dog Loves Books
Dog Loves Drawing
Dogs On The Bed
Don't Call Me Sidney
Don’t Forget, God Bless Our Troops
Don’t Slam The Door
Don't Turn The Page!
Doors In The Air
Dot (The)
Dot (The)
Dr. Seuss’s ABC
Dr. White
Dragon And Captain
Drawing From Memory
Dream Something Big
Drops Of Life
Duck At The Door
Duck In The Fridge
Duck Who Played Kazoo (The)

E-I-E-I-O How Old MacDonald Got His Farm
Each Kindness
Earth To Audrey
Earth To Clunk
East Dragon, West Dragon
Easter Chick (The)
Easter Eggs For Anya
Ed Emberly’s Halloween Drawing Book
Edible Pyramid (The)
Edwurd Fudwupper Fibbed Big
Eggbert: The Slightly Cracked Egg
Eine Kleine Dickmadam
Eleanor The Hippo Learns To Tell The Truth
Electric Ben
Elena’s Serenade
Eliza And The Dragonfly
Ella Sets The Stage
Elsie’s Bird
Emily Brown And The Thing
Emma’s Elephant
Emperor’s Egg (The)
Enzo The Wonderfish
Even Monsters Need Haircuts
Everett Anderson
Every Cowgirl Loves A Rodeo
Every Day Is Malala Day
Every Girl Tells A Story
Every Turtle Counts
Everybody Needs A Rock
Everyday Angels
Except If
Extraordinary Endangered Animals
Extraordinary Jane
Extraordinary Mr. Qwerty, The
Extraordinary Mr. Qwerty, The

F Is For Feelings
Face To Face With Whales
Fair Cow
Fairy Wings
Fall Of Freddie The Leaf (The)
Families Have Together
Fancy Nancy
Fancy Nancy And The Mean Girl
Fantastic Flying Books Of Mr. Morris Lessmore (The)
Fantastic Jungles Of Henri Rousseau (The)
Farewell, Floppy
Farley Follows His Nose
Farley Found It!
Farmyard Beat
Father And Son: A Nativity Story
Faucet Fish
Fearless Fred And The Dragon
Feathers: Not Just For Flying
Feathers: Not Just For Flying
Feeding Friendsies
Finding Joy
Fine Dessert (A)
Fire Station (The)
Fireman Small
First Day Jitters
First Dog Fala
First Grade Stinks
First Snow
First Thanksgiving Day (The)
Fish Is Fish
Flabbersmashed About You
Flight Of The Honey Bee
Flight Of The Last Dragon
Flight School
Flora And The Flamingo
Flora And The Penguin
Flora’s Very Windy Day
Flora’s Very Windy Day
Flower Garden
Flowers Are Calling
Fly Free
Fly! Eagle! Fly!
Flying Dragon Room (The)
For Every Child
For Those Who Want To Fly
Forest Has A Song
Forest Has A Song
Forgiveness Garden (The)
Fortunately, The Milk
Fox And Rabbit’s Cranberry Surprise
Fox And The Falling Leaves (The)
Franklin’s Big Dream
Fred Stays With Me!
Frizzy The Fearful
From Seed To Plant

G.G. Rock Climbs
Galapagos George
Galileo’s Leaning Tower Experiment
Ganesha’s Sweet Tooth
Gardener (The)
Gemina The Crooked Neck Giraffe
George And The Dragon
George And The Dragon
George Hogglesberry: Grade School Alien?
Gershwin’s Rhapsody In Blue
Getting To Know Ruben Plotnick
Ghosts For Breakfast
Giant Jam Sandwich (The)
Giant King (The)
Giant Makes The Team (The)
Giant Seed (The)
Gift (The)
Gift Of The Ladybug (The)
Gift Of The Magi (The)
Gift Of The Tree (The)
Gifts From The Enemy
Gigantic Turnip (The)
Gila Monsters Meet You At The Airport
Gingerbread Girl (The)
Giraffe’s Can’t Dance
Giraffe’s Can’t Dance
Girl And The Bicycle, The
Girl And The Bicycle, The
Girl Who Heard Colors (The)
Girl Who Loved Wild Horses (The)
Glamorous Garbage
Glamorous Glasses
Global Babies
Glorious Fight (The)
Go Away, Big Green Monster!
God Gave Us You
Goin’ Someplace Special
Going Places
Going To Bed Book (The)
Gold Miner’s Daughter (The)
Golden Rule (The)
Goldilocks And Just One Bear
Goldirocks And The Three Bears
Goldirocks And The Three Bears
Goldy Luck And The Three Pandas
Gone Fishing: Oceans By The Numbers
Good Garden (The)
Good News Nelson
Good News, Bad News
Good Trade (A)
Goodbye Cancer Garden (The)
Goodnight Already!
Goodnight Ark
Grand Old Tree (A)
Granddaughter Necklace (The)
Granddaughter Necklace (The)
Grandfather Gandhi
Grandpa’s Tractor
Grannyman (The)
Great Fuzz Frenzy (The)
Great Gumshoe (The)
Great Joy
Great Joy
Great Paper Caper (The)
Great Paper Caper (The)
Great Race: The Story Of The Chinese Zodiac (The)
Great Sheep Shenanigans (The)
Greatest Power (The)
Greatest Skating Race (The)
Growing Vegetable Soup
Gruffalo (The)
Guess Again!
GUYKU, A Year Of Haiku For Boys

Habitat Spy
Hairy Maclary’s Bone
Hana Hashimoto Sixth Violin
Handle With Care
Hands Of The Maya
Hank Finds An Egg
Hansel And Gretel
Happy Birthday Hamster
Happy Birthday To You!
Happy Birthday, Madame Chapeau
Happy Elf (The)
Happy Hat (A)
Happy Hocky Family (The)
Happy Prince (The)
Harry Hungry
Harry The Dirty Dog
Harvery Potter’s Balloon Farm
Hatseller And The Monkeys (The)
Have Fun Molly Lou Melon
Healing Days
Heart And The Bottle (The)
Heart Of A Tiger    
Heave Ho!
Heckedy Peg
Heckedy Peg
Helen’s Big World: The Life Of Helen Keller
Hello, My Name Is Ruby
Henry And The Cannons
Henry’s Freedom Box: A True Story
Here Comes Doctor Hippo
Hero In Me (The)
Hero Mom
Hi Cat!
Hi, Koo
Hiccupotamus (The)
Hidden Hippo
Hiding Phil
Hiromi’s Hands
Hodge The Hedgehog
Hogan That Great-Grandfather Jack Built (The)
Home For Bird (A)
Home For Bird (A)
Home For Bird (A)
Home Run
Hooray For Amanda And Her Alligator
Hooray For Bread
Hooray For Hat
Hooray For Hat!
Hoot And Holler
Hooway For Wodney Wat
Hope For The Flowers
Hope Is An Open Heart
Horatio Humble Beats The Big D
Horeta And The Waka
Horsefly And Honeybee
Hound Dog’s Haiku (The)
House In The Woods (A)
House Is A House For Me (A)
Hurry, Hurry, Sarah Dear
House On Dirty-Third Street (The)
How Big Could Your Pumpkin Grow?
How Big Were Dinosaurs
How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food
How I Learned Geography
How Martha Saved Her Parents From Green Beans
How Martha Saved Her Parents From Green Beans
How Martha Saved Her Parents From Green Beans
How Much Is That Doggie In The Window
How The Elephant Got His Trunk
How The Moon Regained Her Shape
How To Be A Good Dog
How To Behave At A Tea Party
How To Heal A Broken Wing
How To Hide A Lion
How To Make A Night
How To Train A Train
How To Wash A Woolly Mammoth
Hugo And The Really, Really Long String
Hula Lullaby
Hurricane Hunters
Hush Little Baby

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